McQuate Is Paving the Way

One often ponders about the existence of unconditional love.  Does that feeling truly exist, or is it just an emotion that is a figment of one’s imagination?  Regardless, in life, one will encounter that someone or something that one truly has unconditional love for.  Ian McQuate, a local star harrier of Waiakea High School, found that passion in running and continues to run with perpetual bliss.

McQuate was a state qualifier and medalist in track and cross-country during his four years in high school.  He originally began his athletic career in playing basketball.  However, to stay in shape for the hoop season, McQuate decided to join the track and field and cross-country teams.  From that point on he never looked back, and thus began the road towards an athletic path in running.

Currently, McQuate is on an academic and athletic scholarship with a competitive NCAA Division II team in Florida.  He currently completed his second season in cross-country and track for the Sharks at Nova Southeastern University.  This past cross-country season was a nail-biter, where McQuate was part of the top five scoring team that qualified for the 2015 NCAA Division II National Championships by ONE point, which placed the Sharks among the top three teams to qualify.

IMG_20151123_123052    IMG_20151123_123231

Running at nationals in Missouri during the month of November was very different from running in Hawaii, where McQuate faced extremely cold conditions that was contrary to the weather in our beautiful tropical islands.  Despite challenging circumstances, McQuate established a personal record for a 10K (6.1miles) with a time of 33:14, which was equivalent to a blistering 5min 21secs per mile pace.  This opportunity to run at this level with 32 teams and a field of 246 elite harriers was among McQuate’s greatest accomplishments so far.

His 2016 track season was equally impressive with the opportunity to qualify and place 8th overall at the conference championships in both the 1500m and 5000m races. McQuate also had five personal best times recorded to update his running resume.  He ran 2:00.38 in the 800m, a 4:02.05 in the 1500m, a 9:04 in the 3000m, and 15:44 in the 5000m.


With hard-work, dedication, and perseverance, McQuate is having continued success in running.  However, what truly exemplify the type of athlete he is would be his continued efforts in the classroom. McQuate’s strong emphasis and value on education has continued into his college experience, where he earned All-Academic honors given to division II athletes ranked among the highest level of academic excellence.  The result of his academic success was established well before he entered college.  McQuate knew that “having good grades can be the determining factor in getting on a team and receiving good scholarships.”  From his freshman year McQuate paved the way for his current success, and with his efforts in academics and athletics, his pursuit for an academic and athletic scholarship was no longer a dream but a reality.

McQuate believes that dreams do come true, and it can happen to any student-athlete if one puts his or her mind to it.  McQuate noted that the emphasis in academics and participation in athletics has “taught me that hard-work, attention to detail, and consistency can be very important qualities when it comes to pursuing success.”  Also, to succeed in life “time management, and to get out of my comfort-zone” are other attributes McQuate pointed out as important values to acquire.  McQuate’s final words on being a successful collegiate athlete were, “working hard, running fast, and hitting times, at practice will help a lot; but so will paying attention to proper recovery, diet, sleep, hydration, strength training, injury prevention, etc.”

McQuate is one of many student-athletes that are succeeding in the collegiate realm; hence, stay tuned for more details on other former Big Island high school graduates that are paving their way towards a successful future.

2016 WHS 2nd Annual Junior Class Fun Run

1.5mile start     5K Start

The 2nd Annual Waiakea High Junior Class Fun Run-Supported by Sunrise Athletics was a community-based event held on March 5.  It was organized by junior co-chairs, Saya Yabe and Jodi Go. With the support of various organizations, all proceeds from the registration went to support the junior class of 2017 with their upcoming senior year activities.

The fun run commenced with the 1.5 mile race, followed by the 5K (3.1mile) run.  WHS junior, Rylie Cabalse, guided the keikis to a quick start along the fast course, which consisted of partial grass and road terrain. Shane Tominaga, a Sunrise Athletics and Hawaii Rush Soccer Club athlete, took command from start to finish and propelled himself to a new course record (9:29). Close in pursuit were a pair of Hawaii Rush soccer athletes, Lucas Kay-Wong and Conner Gonzales. Kay-Wong (9:43) is known for having a deadly kick at the end of races, such as what he displayed in the previous WHS Healthy Keiki Fun Run. Again he performed in the same manner to claim second over Conner (9:46) to round-off the top three overall males.

Among females in this race, tiny and mighty Taarini Godbole took a different approach and started off steadily pacing herself. However, towards the last half-mile, Godbole turned on her turbos and finished strong with a time of 9:56 to claim the top female spot in this race. Godbole’s teammates, Akemi (10:13) and Teryn Tominaga (10:45), followed in efforts to claim second and third place overall among females.

In the 5k (3.1mile) races, a trio of Waiakea High School athletes led the way. Adrian Larkspur, a freshman of whom has been making a name for himself in the sport of running, was unchallenged and cruised in with a time of 19:33.  Teammates Axl Aricayos (20:10) and Magnus Namohala-Roloos (21:01) finished second and third respectively to round-off the top 3 overall males.

Behind the more seasoned high school athletes were intermediate athletes forming a pack of their own. Kederang Ueda (21:10) distinguished himself as the leader of this younger pack, and pulled away to stay close to the high school harriers. Alika Dedman also pulled away on the later part of the race to clock in at a nice time of (22:56).  Meanwhile, Deylan Okinaka (24:28), Glen Gebin (24:30), and Jayden Gebin (24:39) maintained their tight grouping, and finished within ten-seconds of one another.

Among the female overall winners, Phoebe Wyatt established a position among the top five runners early on, and crossed the line as the first overall female with a personal best time of 21:22.  Like Ueda, Wyatt’s time represents a harrier with skills and talents of a more experienced and older athlete.  To round off the remaining top three overall females in the 5K race, Lory Hunter and Melissa Pierce placed second and third respectively.

Thank you to the Waiakea High School staff, students, and alumni for helping and participating in the junior class fun run. Secondly, we appreciate the donations from the community and various companies, such as Big Island Running Company, BioAstin & Co., KTA, and Office Max (along with associate Irene Gebin).  Your donations were used for prize giveaways.  Furthemore, having Eddie Ombac as the event emcee and Francie to promote BioAstin and take highlights of the event always creates a fun and positive atmosphere for all!  Lastly, mahalo to the Sunrise Athletics families for supporting this event with participating in the races, loaning much needed equipment and materials, giving such generous donations, and/or volunteering for manpower for the race.

Congratulations to all participants, and we hope to see you racing again next year!

5K Finishers List
Place: NAME: Time:
1 Adrian Larkspur 19:33
2 Axl Aricayos 20:10
3 Magnus Namohala-Roloos 21:01
4 Kederang Ueda 21:10
5 Phoebe Wyatt 21:22
6 Jeremy Buttz 21:51
7 Alika Dedman 22:56
8 Deylan Okinaka 24:28
9 Glen Gebin 24:30
10 Jayden Gebin 24:39
11 Lory Hunter 25:32
12 Dane Inouye 25:58
13 Grayson Godale 26:18
14 Ben Wyatt 30:27
15 Isaiah Tamez 32:48
16 Geoff Bower 33:52
17 Melissa Pierce 35:30
18 Greg Godale 35:54
19 Zadok Michelson 38:21
20 Zachary Lickty 41:02
21 Marlaina Fujisawa 47:59
22 Thomas Murphy 58:36
23 Leah Murphy 58:59

1.5 Mile Finishers List
Place: NAME: Time:
1 Shane Tominaga 9:29
2 Lucas Kay-Wong 9:43
3 Conner Gonzales 9:46
4 Taarini Godbole 9:56
5 Akemi Tominaga 10:13
6 Cyrus Bower 10:32
7 Teryn Tominaga 10:45
8 Devin Buttz 11:51
9 Cassidy Denault 12:04
10 Brady Gonzales 12:12
11 Kelson Tominaga 12:18
12 Joshua Hong 12:20
13 Kallen Fujioka 12:26
14 Robin Fujioka 12:26.51
15 Alysa Yabe 12:46
16 Lily Kay-Wong 13:36
17 Breanna Inada 15:12
18 Caitlin Inada 15:50
19 Makena Denault 17:46
20 Mara Hon 20:59
21 Maili McKeague 21:43
22 Elisa Junquera 21:44
23 Kenneth Inada 23:28

Co-Chairs with some committee members  Overall 1.5mi Male Winners  Top 3 Age11-14 Male  Overall 1.5mi Female Winners   Overall 5K Female Winner  Overall 5K Female Winners

Sunrise Group Finishing with Teammate


Showcasing Track & Field Enthusiasts


On February 21, the East Hawaii P&R Age Group Track & Field meet showcased athletes with exceptional talent beyond their years, and athletes of immense exuberance that created a positive atmosphere in the sport of track and field.  Athletes were, once again, blessed with sunny skies, but this time with some trade winds and moments of shade that created conditions favorable for all.

The day started with Waiakea Elementary’s Lukohao Lapera claiming his first medal, with a silver in the standing long jump (5′ 5.50″) for the 8 and under division.  In his second event, Lapera took off quick to narrowly claim the top time (11.60secs) by four-hundredths of a second over Paauilo Tiger’s Clay Ching (11.64secs) in the 70m dash.  Lapera’s final medal was earned with the joint efforts of Keona Gomes, JD Hironaka, and Jacob Tajiri to create a foursome of quick-footed 4×25 relay members, and claimed gold over another Waiakea Elementary Royals team.

In the older divisions, a trio of Sunrise Athletics athletes: Skylar Macomber-Cobile (age 9-10), Kapana Kanae-Kane (age 11-12), and Keala Pule (age 13-14) each showed their versatility in jumps and sprints.  Macomber-Cobile dominated in the more technical standing triple jump, where he hopped, skipped, jumped to a length of 19’3.5″, which was good for gold over his closest competitor, Pauilo Tiger’s Kiandray Rideout who claimed silver with an equally impressive length of 17’9.5″.  Cobile-Macomber pocketed another gold and silver in the 200m (32.01secs) and the 100m (14.85secs) dashes respectively.  Kanae-Kane was consistent throughout the day in claiming three silvers.  Kanae-Kane’s first silver was in the running long jump (14’2.75″), with another talented Pauilo Tiger jumper, Deann Conners, of whom claimed the gold for this event and the running triple jump.  When the races began, Kanae-Kane demonstrated his speed in the 100m (13.67secs), and 200m (29.88secs) dash to claim his last two medals.  Teammate Pule demonstrated equal performances to his teammates by also pocketing three medals with bronzes in the 400m (1:07.60secs) and 200m (26.38secs) sprints, and the running triple jump (29′ 5.75″).

Among female sprinters, Na Wai Ola, a charter school in Mountain View, featured a talented spinter (age 9-10) in Jonaiya Saragosa.  Saragosa represented her school in a hard earned gold and bronze in the 100m (15.65secs) and 50m (8:09secs) dashes respectively.  In the longer sprints, Sunrise Athletics’ Ella Shapiro took command and claimed gold in the 400m (1:17.37secs) and 200m (34.87secs) sprint races to create a margin that was too great for her closest competitors.

With the 13-14 age division, Sunrise Athletics’ Sydirah Aricayos completed her middle school years in fine fashion, and it is evident that she will make a name for herself during her high school years.  Aricayos ended her final middle school meet in claiming two bronzes in the 400m (1:10.95) dash and the running triple jump (12’3.5″), and a gold medal by anchoring the 4x100m relay (58.97secs) that also consisted of talented eight-grade athletes in Ella Johnson, Ella Kusch, and Kaela Soberman.

In the middle distance events, which requires a certain type of mindset with a combination of endurance and stamina, Sunrise Athletics and Kamehameha Middle School exhibited their talents and featured exciting races that unfolded dramatic finishes.  In the 1500m (age 13-14) event, Kamehameha and Sunrise Athletics athletes exchanged positions several times throughout the 3 and 3/4 laps of the track, and with no sure winner established early on.  However, John Marrack (5;17.68) strategically surged the final 300m to claim gold, Kamehameha’s Jake Toci (5:21.37) with a silver, and Sunrise Athletics’ Isaiah Waxman (5:39.30) with a bronze.  Meanwhile, Ella Johnson (5:23.58), the sole female among runners, almost equaled her last meet’s time and came in third among all runners.

In the 1200m race, middle school cross-country standouts, Phoebe Wyatt and Kederang Ueda, each secured gold medals in their event.  However, what was most stunning was their established time of 4:19.04 and 4:19.79 respectively, which were both unseen of for their age.  Sunrise Athletics’ Wyatt also claimed gold with teammates Akemi Tominaga, Devin Buttz, and Cathryn Krueger in the 4x100m (1:02.63) relay.  Meanwhile, Ueda also claimed gold in the 4x100m (1:04.18) relay with teammates Garet Jones, Owen Laliberte, and Alika Dedman.

Close to wrapping up the day, another thriller came in the 800m race (age 13-14).  Kamehameha Middle School harriers, Trey Tina and newcommer Elijah Carigon, controlled the tempo of the race from the onset.  The duo distanced themselves from the pack with a blistering pace, with Tina (2:33.91), another cross-country standout, edging Carigon (2:34.10) in an exciting finish.  The bronze medal, on the other hand, was up for grabs.   Sunrise Athletics Deylan Okinaka made up ground like an unknown biker chasing the peloton, and out of nowhere he surged in a fabulous kick to claim his first silver out of two medals earned.

As always, the Parks and Recreation crew is greatly appreciated for their time and efforts in creating an atmosphere of fun for all, and providing the opportunity for youth athletes across the Big Island to test their abilities and gain a sense of sportsmanship that track and field has to offer!  Great job to ALL athletes at the February 20th Age Group track meet!

Deylan   Phoeb to Akemi  Kederang to Garet

Tearing Up the Track

A sea of athletes excitedly awaited their turn as they participated in their individual events at this past weekend’s Parks and Recreation Exponent meet on Saturday, January 30.  Several hundred athletes represented their respective schools or clubs by participating in divisions based on height, weight, and age.

The little munchkins, pee wee division, started the day with an impressive showing from Waiakea Elementary Royal, Ivy Brook.  He claimed two golds and a silver in the softball throw, and the 50m and 70m dashes respectively.  Brook’s sprint races did not come easy for he and the next runner were separated by a blink of an eye, with Brooks prevailing at the finish line.

In the boy’s midget division, the foursome comprised of Sunrise Athletics athletes Kederang Ueda (400m, standing triple), Skyler Macomber-Cobile, Aiden Santos (200m dash), and Rahsaan Soberman each placed themselves on the podium in their respective events.  In the standing long jump Macomber-Cobile and Soberman jumped over six feet to claim second and third respectively.  Macomber-Cobile also sprinted (14.82s) home for gold in the 100m dash, and later claimed another gold with teammates Santos, Ueda, and Jayden Gebin in the 4x100m relay for their division.

Despite strong showings from many athletes, the meet belonged to the young up and coming females that raised the level of competition towards unprecedented measurements and time.  Chenoa Frederick of Kamehameha leaped her way up to a height of 4’10’ in the high jump and a length of 35′ 4.75″ in the running triple jump, of which both measurements were considered as state qualifying standards in the high school level.

Another exceptional performance came from Sunrise Athletics athlete Ella Johnson, of whom surprised many in the closing stages of the 1500m race as she was driven to make up ground against a male competitor.  Johnson’s time of 5:20.90 shattered the previous record (5:46.99) set by former teammate Sam Marrack, of whom is currently a standout running for Hilo High School.  Johnson’s posted time was also a high school state qualifying standard.

Official results will be posted soon on the club’s facebook pages (Sunrise Athletics Running Club or Sunrise Athletics) or the club website (  Results will also be found on the Parks and Recreation online resource.  Stay tuned for another thrilling day at the track with the next meet at Kea’au High School on February 20, starting at 9:00am.

WP_20160130_048  WP_20160130_046 Midget Relay.jpg



Record-Breaking Day at the 2016 Hilo-to-Volcano Races

A seemingly endless climb covering 50 kilometers (31miles) of ascending terrain, and an increasing altitude gain that would make one feel breathless, was the route for the 27 ultra-marathoners and 33 relays teams that tackled the hills from Hilo to Volcano on Saturday, January 9.  The Big Island Road Runners Club’s annual event had perfect conditions that resulted in several record-breaking performances.

Ultra-distance runner, Billy Barnett, once again proved his dominance and claimed his third first-place win.  He improved on his own course record with a stellar time of 3:46:41.  Meanwhile, former Waiakea High School harrier, Caitlyn Tateishi a relative novice ultra- runner, displayed the form of a veteran.  Tateishi maintained a consistent pace and claimed first for the women and fourth overall in a time of 4:29.57.  The second women’s finisher, another talented local-runner and former Hilo High standout Noe McMahon, was close on her heels and finished with a time of 4:43.39.

Among the relays, a group of talented high school harriers and a middle school athlete claimed the overall spots in efforts to shatter a record.  Sunrise Athletics’ male and female teams broke records on a day that one would consider as ideal racing conditions. Sunrise Athletics-A, consisted of Louie Ondo, Axl Aricayos, and Adrian Larkspur, posted a time (3:13:02) that was four-minutes faster than the previous record (3:17:39) held by former teammates Ian McQuate, Stephen Hunter, and Aricayos.  Sunrise Athletics -B (Slater Inouye, Shadoe Toske, and Joshua Quero-Ondo) also distanced themselves from the pack to finish strong and earned second overall with a fine time of 3:42:12.

Meanwhile, naming themselves Triple Threat, Sunrise Athletics high school athletes Saya Yabe, Jodi Go, and eighth grader Ella Johnson were surely a trio that was untouchable.   They crossed the finish line in a blistering time of 3:57:31, which broke the previous course record of 3:58:46 set in 2014 by former Hilo High elites Carmen Garson-Shumway, Mehana Sabodo-Halpern, and McMahon.

Other groups with notable performances came from families that ran together.  All epitomized that a family that “runs together, stays together”!  The team, It Runs in the Family, featured Sunrise Athletics siblings Sam and John  Marrack with their parents (Sally & Keith) claiming the top family category.  It’s T-Time, with the Takane family, continued show their strength as a running Ohana by claiming one of the top 3 relay spots in their category.  Finally, not to be overlooked, Sunrise athlete and the youngest among competitors, Isaiah Ishigo anchored in his first family relay team.

Congrats to all runners and mahalo to the race coordinators (Rick & Lee Otani) and supporters for a well-organized and enjoyable race!

Full results may be found at the following website: (

Team participants1st Male Finishers with Eddie O1st Female Finishers relay2nd Team Finishers-MaleHilo High AlumniIsaiah I.


Sunrise Athletics Participates at FootLocker X-Country

     On December 5, Sunrise Athletics members from various schools were chosen to participate in the Foot Locker West Regional X-Country Championships in California. Members Axl Aricayos, Kai Garson-Shumway, Jodi Go, Adrian Larkspur, Slater Inouye, Louie Ondo, Joshua Quero-Ondo, Kaylee Rapoza, and Saya Yabe participated in either the All-West grade level divisions or the seeded races, which featured over 3,000 of the top athletes in the western United States.  All harriers represented the Big Island with fashion as they traversed along the 3.1mile Mt. San Antonio College course that featured three challenging hills comparable to trails that one would find at Volcano National Park.

     UH-Hilo harrier Kaylee Rapoza started the morning in the Open race, clocking in at a great time of 24:30. Adrian Larkspur followed in the All-West Frehman race by bolting out with the competition and fearlessly tackling the switch back hills. Larkspur ended with a personal best time (18:27) for the difficult course, and a 36th place medal out of over 200 participants to rank him among the best in the west freshman. The Junior and Senior 5K races were well represented by Go, Inouye, and Quero-Ondo, with each clocking in at 23:05, 18:47, and 21:07 respectively.

     The seeded race highlighted the cream of the crop harriers that would eventually compete in competitive division I and II collegiate programs, or move on into the professional realm. Ondo the state cross-country runner-up, Aricayos, Garson-Shumway, and Yabe each had that opportunity to compete among that elite group, and posted the following competitive times respectively: 17:04, 18:29, 19:24, and 21:12. Along with other runners across the state, Big Island was well represented! Pre-Banner Team Photo   Posing Under Banner  Best Athletes In the World