Sunrise Athletics Brings Hilo Rain to Junior Olympics


Sunrise Athletics members endured two-days of less-than-typical weather during the Junior Olympics Track & Field Championships meet on Oahu on July 8-9.  Gusty winds on the home stretch and bouts of heavy rain were experienced by the Oahu, Maui, and Big Island athletes.  However, the downpour was much like a typical day in Hilo for the Big Island harriers, and conditions did not affect their performances.

On the first day of competition, sprinters had to qualify by placing in the top eight in their age division.  Olivia Wells and Sydirah Aricayos were among the talented group of sprinters that qualified for finals.  Wells placed eighth overall in the 100m and 200m dashes, meanwhile teammate Aricayos placed eighth in the 400m and third in the 100m hurdles.  Among the male hurdlers, brothers Xander and Skyler Macomber, of whom only completed fifth and sixth grade respectively, ventured to learning this technical event for the first time.  In their first season of competition, they displayed great promise and natural form in the 100m hurdle event and both claimed bronze medals.  Later that evening Xander Macomber also claimed fourth in the long jump.

Among the distance runners, there is a plethora of talent from keikis that are barely over four feet tall to those among the seasoned middle and high school harriers.  Third grader, Shane Tominaga, increased his distance length to the 800m (3:10.43) race this year, and utilized his speed and stamina to claim a silver medal by closing in and overtaking a competitor on the final straightaway.  Later that evening, Tominaga earned a bronze medal in the long jump with a leap of 8ft-8.75in.

Among middle school athletes, incoming freshman Ella Johnson (3000m-1st/ 1500m- 1st/ 800m- 2nd) and Deylan Okinaka (3000m-4th/ 1500m- 7th/ 800m- 4th), and intermediate teammates John Marrack (3000m-1st/ 1500m- 3rd/ 800m- 3rd) and Kederang Ueda (3000m- 2nd/ 1500m- 2nd/ 800m- 2nd) demonstrated that they too can do a “marathon day of events”, like their high school teammates.  This year, the noted athletes muscled through two-days of tough competition by competing in the 3000m (shy of 3miles) on Friday, and had to quickly recover for the quicker-paced 1500m and 800m race events the next day.  Despite that, they proved to be competitive and successful by taking every race with a stride.  Other middle school athletes earning medals for the top 8 places were: Akemi Tominaga (1500m- 5th), Teryn Tominaga (1500m- 7th), and Jaeda Yamasaki (1500m- 3rd/ 800m- 4th).

Last by not least, the high school athletes, of whom had always led by example in their performances, leadership, and work ethic had performed great, despite completing a long BIIF track season.  Talented harriers such as Saya Yabe and Slater Inouye have been dedicated club members that have led the way and epitomized the true spirit of a runner.  They capitalized the moment by ending their summer and leading into their cross-country season on a positive note.  Inouye claimed a double gold in the 3000m and 1500m races, and was on his way for a third medal before having to sit out from his final event.  Yabe claimed the following respectively: 3000m – silver, 1500m and 800m – gold.  She is in great form to being among the highly-favored harriers for this upcoming high school cross-country season.  Other high school club members that put forth stellar performances and earned medals in the process were: Shaun Kojima (3000m-3rd/1500m- 2nd/ 800m- 2nd) and Eric Cabais-Fernandez (3000m- 3rd /1500m- 3rd).

Earning medals or not, all Sunrise Athletics competitors did great in this highly competitive youth track and field championship meet!

2016 JO Track & Field Championship Results:

Aricayos, Sydirah (13-14): 100m Hurdles (3rd) – 22.27s/ 400m (8th) – 1:14.36

Cabais-Fernandez (15-16): 1500m (3rd) – 4:51.13/ 3000m (2nd) – 10:41.94

Inouye, Slater (17-18): 1500m (1st) – 4:42.73/ 3000m (1st) – 10:11.97

Johnson, Ella (13-14): 1500m (1st) – 5:38.07/ 800m (2nd) – 2:48.17/ 3000m (2nd) – 2:48.17/ Long Jump (3rd) – 12-11.50

Kojima, Shaun (17-18): 1500m (2nd) – 5:09.06/ 800m (2nd) – 2:26.43/ 3000m (3rd) – 11:12.71

Macomber, Skyler (11-12): 80m Hurdles (3rd) – 19.90s

Macomber, Xander (13-14): 100m Hurdles (3rd) – 21.37s/ Long Jump (4th) – 12-04

Marrack, John (13-14): 1500m (3rd) – 5:18.20/ 800m (3rd) – 2:42.72/ 3000m (1st) – 11:14.69

Okinaka, Deylan (13-14): 1500m (7th) – 5:39.44/ 800m (4th) – 2:43.92/ 3000m (4th) – 12:19.00

Tominaga, Akemi (11-12): 1500m (5th) – 6:32.46/ 800m (11th) – 3:18.12

Tominaga, Shane (7-8): 800m (2nd) – 3:10.43/ Long Jump (3rd) – 8-08.75

Tominaga, Teryn (11-12): 1500m (7th) – 6:43.89/ 800m (12th) – 3:21.47

Ueda, Kederang (11-12): 1500m (2nd) – 5:29. 34 / 800m (2nd) – 2:42.18/ 3000m (2nd) – 11:38.60

Wills, Olivia (13-14): 100m (8th) – 14.88s/ 200m (8th) – 31.94s

Yabe, Saya (17-18): 1500m (1st) – 5:21.41/ 800m (1st) – 2:37.83/ 3000m (2nd) – 11:42.45

Yamasaki, Jaeda (13-14): 1500m (3rd) – 6:18.05/ 800m (4th) – 3:07.76/ Long Jump (7th) – 9-00