Waimea XC Meet: The Unknown Prevails

 September 29, 2016

     Just when one thought the thrill in middle school cross-country couldn’t get any hotter than it did at the previous Waikoloa Meet, it just did this past Saturday (Sept 24). This race was held at the Paniolo’s home course, and well-hosted  by head coach Warren Tamaye of Waimea Middle.  The course offered these youngsters with varied terrain and a mix of some true country feeling.  At the same time, these young harriers provided the crowd with a taste of excitement by displaying true grit and running with the heart of a lion.

(All photos are credited to Michelle Denault)

       The girls race started off on a narrow stretch, and as they started they were like a pride of female lions ready for the hunt.  Sunrise Athletics and the Parker girls started off behind a few lead runners and began their attack of passing one harrier after another.  In the process, Sunrise and Parker girls claimed first and second overall in the team standings.  Waikoloa came in a close third, separating them from Parker by just two-points.  The difference was Parker’s pack of five girls were only separated by eight spots.

IMG_3864.JPG       As for individual standings, with the absence of Phoebe Wyatt of whom had claimed the previous two meets, the first place spot was up for grabs.  The top three girls came within three-seconds of one another and each were Sunrise athletes.  Ella Shapiro (10:13) broke the tape first, followed by fleet-footed Kacie Tagawa (10:16), and teammate Akemi Tominaga (10:19) powering in to the finish for third.  After the win, Shapiro credited teammate Tagawa for helping her with the win, “Kacie was right with me and was pushing me to go faster.”  Also, Shapiro relied on her positive mantra, noting “Whenever I felt tired, I would keep on telling myself I can do this like my coaches taught me.”  Shapiro “also knew when to surge and keep a steady pace” on a course that offered a combination of paved roads and back pastures that were like mini roller coaster rides.  IMG_3645.JPG

The most anticipated race of the day was with the boys’ race, featuring the presence of Parker Middle School.  Parker athletes were absent during the first two meets; however, at this meet they made their presence known.  Similarly to the girls, the boys bolted from the start like a coalition of male lions spotting its prey.  Hilo Intermediate’s John Marrack claimed, “The best part of the course was the start. It was down hill and everybody was anxious to go because we had to wait at the start for so long. It was a fast start and the crowd urged us forward.”

Upon completion of the first loop, Kanoa Blake (8:29) of Parker was the first male that spectators saw, and he acknowledged, “My favorite part of the course was the two loops in the beginning of the race, relatively flat and very fast.”, and he capitalized on the moment by taking a commanding lead and never looked back.  Sunrise athlete, Kederang Ueda (8:32), tried to make a late surge to close the gap, with Marrack (8:34) in close pursuit.  However, the lead was too great, and Blake prevailed and won his first cross-country meet of the season.

img_3925     With all three boys charging to the line within a couple seconds of one another, their finish displayed their competitiveness, respect, and passion for the sport.  Blake pointed out that “cross-country is being part of a team.  I enjoy running and the reward of my hard work.”  Marrack shared a similar sentiment that running is more than about medals and trophies, “To be honest, I like socializing after the race more than running it. You get to talk and laugh with your friends. The food after the race is great too!”

Overall top three team standings were: Girls 1st- Sunrise Athletics, 2nd-Parker, and 3rd-Waikoloa.  Boys- 1st-Parker, 2nd-Waikoloa, and 3rd-Sunrise.

In closing, all the young harriers that have raced every week are learning early on about the true meaning of the sport.  Running has a process that is much like what we experience in our lives.  Running and being part of a team helps build the camaraderie of children with many differences, but yet share the same passion.  Finally, these young harriers have come to know that running builds CHARACTER in more ways than one could ever know!

Congrats to all teams for representing your school/organization with heart and passion!  Stay tuned for more info on middle school racing.  An article on the CLA Cross-Country Meet that occurred today (September 29) will be posted early next week.



Gabrielle Shapiro Sunrise Academy 6 0:10:13
Kacie Tagawa Sunrise Academy 8 0:10:16
Akemi Tominaga Sunrise Academy 7 0:10:19
Brooke Perreira Christian Liberty 8 0:10:31
Lainey Eckart Kamehameha 6 0:10:43
Taarini Godbole Sunrise Academy 6 0:10:45
Lila Christensen Waikoloa 8 0:10:48
Chesney Palos Waikoloa 6 0:10:53
Teryn Tominaga Sunrise Academy 7 0:10:56
Quinn Pine Sunrise Academy 8 0:10:58
Gaayatri Godbole Sunrise Academy 8 0:11:14
Jacelyn Cambra Christian Liberty 8 0:11:15
Aliyah Hookano Kamehameha 6 0:11:38
Keaulii Ines Waimea 6 0:12:02
Maddie Weigle Parker 7 0:12:03
Cassidy Denault Sunrise Academy 8 0:12:04
Emma Cho Parker 8 0:12:04
Amanda Black Parker 7 0:12:05
Kyla Jones Sunrise Academy 8 0:12:12
Emily Souza Parker 8 0:12:20
Cathryn Krueger Hilo 7 0:12:22
Sanae Oye Parker 6 0:12:23
Keahi Coakley Waikoloa 8 0:12:26
Anaya Torres Waikoloa 8 0:12:27
Kaiyana Troy Kamehameha 6 0:12:28
Napua Ho Kamehameha 6 0:12:29
Kamille Febo-Santiago Christian Liberty 6 0:12:30
Kyra Valencia Waimea 6 0:12:41
Alohikea Baker Kamehameha 6 0:12:42
Devine Buttz Sunrise Academy 7 0:12:49
Kailey Harrington Waikoloa 8 0:12:58
Kianni Dodson Waikoloa 6 0:13:07
Katelyn Paclib Waikoloa 8 0:13:09
Jasmin bartle Waikoloa 8 0:13:12
Sarah Pambid Paauilo 6 0:13:16
Ally Jones Sunrise Academy 4 0:13:21
Kayla Hickman Waikoloa 8 0:13:25
Kaniela Abad Waikoloa 8 0:13:26
Keanu Anderson Waikoloa 8 0:13:30
Kyleigh Arias Waikoloa 6 0:13:38
Sophie Weigle Parker 7 0:13:44
Lea Wery Kamehameha 7 0:13:45
Romane Barbier Parker 6 0:13:50
Ava Child Waikoloa 6 0:13:53
Jezzie Young Christian Liberty 7 0:14:07
Rina Fujitani Waikoloa 6 0:14:09
Alyssa Umemoto Sunrise Academy 4 0:14:10
Kelise Figueroa Kamehameha 8 0:14:12
Chantel Aholelei Waikoloa 7 0:14:19
Osiana Pacheco Kamehameha 8 0:14:21
Brianna Daubert Kamehameha 8 0:14:28
Mala Orian Kamehameha 8 0:14:35
Autumn Tada Kamehameha 6 0:14:54
Daylin Kauhi Waikoloa 8 0:15:00
Gabbie Carvalho Kamehameha 6 0:15:16
Grace Merryman Kamehameha 6 0:15:31
Callie Umemoto Sunrise Academy 3 0:15:44
Gabrielle Viernes Hilo 7 0:16:27
Makena Denault Sunrise Academy 6 0:16:57
Emma Orian Kamehameha 6 0:16:59
Grace Martin Waikoloa 8 0:17:02
Megan villafuerte Paauilo 8 0:17:03
Isabelle Masuyama Hilo 8 0:17:05
Corie Klingenstein Waikoloa 7 0:17:16
Fidelity Ellis Hilo 7 0:19:04
Kiana Kaneshiro Hilo 7 0:19:44
Schools Total Points
Sunrise Academy 19
Waikoloa 73
Parker 71
Kamehameha 78
Hilo 142


Kanoa Blake Parker 6 0:08:29
Keerang Ueda Sunrise Academy 7 0:08:32
John Marrack Hilo 8 0:08:34
Aiden Richardson Parker 8 0:09:19
Kai Higgins Parker 7 0:09:22
Dominic Carvillis Waikoloa 6 0:09:32
Bodhi Ervin Parker 6 0:09:38
JD Grimes Waikoloa 8 0:09:46
Ty Nishida Kamehameha 8 0:09:53
Logan Werneck Waikoloa 8 0:09:56
Glen Gebin Sunrise Academy 8 0:09:57
Rostin Delaries-Auhoon Waikoloa 8 0:09:59
Kyle Ignacio Sunrise Academy 4 0:09:59
Julian Parks Parker 8 0:10:00
Shane Tominaga Sunrise Academy 3 0:10:01
Kamahoa Kaawaloa-Okita Christian Liberty 6 0:10:01
Jayden Gebin Sunrise Academy 6 0:10:12
Kekoa Aloy Kamehameha 6 0:10:13
Keanu Kam Waikoloa 8 0:10:18
Keanu Lewi Hilo 8 0:10:21
Makana Oye Parker 7 0:10:27
Alema Ahloy Waimea 7 0:10:35
Garet Jones Sunrise Academy 8 0:10:41
Jeremiah Aviguetero Kamehameha 7 0:10:45
Daniel Legaspi Hilo 7 0:10:46
Kanen wong Yuen Waimea 6 0:10:49
Carlos Masuko Kamehameha 8 0:10:53
Irish Grahovac Kamehameha 6 0:11:06
Ken Morelik Waikoloa 6 0:11:17
Adam Bento Sunrise Academy 8 0:11:25
Owen Jones Sunrise Academy 5 0:11:29
Kamuela Kaloi Hilo 8 0:11:31
John Torres Hilo 7 0:11:39
Cade Arafiles Waimea 8 0:11:58
Felix Guerpo Waikoloa 8 0:12:01
Aliiloa Waipa Hilo 8 0:12:01
JC Skilling Waikoloa 8 0:12:02
Elijah K. Carvalho Waikoloa 8 0:12:03
Logan Okamoto Kamehameha 8 0:12:07
Nicholas Bossy Waikoloa 8 0:12:07
Seasun Legaspi Hilo 8 0:12:14
Tayson Hirayama Waimea 7 0:12:16
Caleb Vogt Christian Liberty 6 0:12:18
Noah Bento Sunrise Academy 5 0:12:20
Armand Baril Waimea 6 0:12:27
Noah Pila Kamehameha 6 0:12:34
Raizen Aina Kamehameha 7 0:12:34
Rudy Pajimola Hilo 7 0:12:44
Adam Sako Christian Liberty 7 0:12:53
Andrei Quienes Waimea 8 0:12:56
Jayson Labicani Waimea 8 0:13:03
Brennan Tagawa Sunrise Academy 4 0:13:09
Zachery Van Spronsen Waimea 7 0:13:15
Blake David Waikoloa 8 0:13:46
Shane Arakaki Waikoloa 8 0:13:55
Zachery Lapenia Kamehameha 6 0:13:55
Shelby Cabiais-Fernandez Sunrise Academy 5 0:14:22
Donnie sullivan Parker 7 0:14:23
Kalei Aquilera Paauilo 7 0:14:30
Tommy Lolagne Waikoloa 6 0:14:43
William Lentz Waikoloa 6 0:14:50
Reywill Guillermo Waikoloa 8 0:15:02
Noah Amerling Waimea 6 0:15:03
Talen Wong Yuen Waimea 8 0:15:20
Tyson Crosley Sunrise Academy 3 0:16:07
Dustin Brown Waikoloa 6 0:16:15
Franz Micor Waikoloa 6 0:16:35
Colby Cunningham Hilo 8 0:17:53
Xavier Batino Waimea 8 0:18:07
Marc Pambid Paauilo 6 0:18:10
Zenon Baino Paauilo 6 0:18:59
Schools Total Points
Parker 31
Waikoloa 54
Sunrise Academy 57
Kamehameha 102
Hilo 107
Waimea 153



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