The Heat is On….

Posted: September 23, 2016

img_3042     img_3263                      Photos credited to Michelle Denault (Sunrise Athletics parent)

It was a scorching day at Waikoloa!  And by no means were spectators and participants only referring to the heat, but to the talent and pace of the harriers at this past weekend’s (September 17) meet.  Waikoloa Middle School, a team consisting of 69 athletes and coached by Jordan Braschler, hosted the meet at a beautiful skate park.  The park boasted 360 degrees of picturesque views of Hawaii’s ocean and volcanic mountains.  In addition, unlike a typical cross-country course, the Waikoloa course offered spectators the opportunity to watch the excitement from start to finish.

Once again, the young harriers started quick at the whistle, and the down hill at the img_3273beginning provided athletes with added acceleration to tackle the course.  “I really liked the hill at the start of the race, it got me going really fast!”, mentioned Dominic Cavillis of Waikoloa.  Cavallis lead the way, while following behind him were teammates that worked on their strength in numbers and teamwork to place second overall.

Meanwhile, in the girls’ race, Lila Christensen of Waikoloa, found “the most challenging part was running the soccer field twice.”  Despite the heat img_3058and a difficult finish, Christensen cracked the top ten again in individual standings.  In the process Christensen’s leadership continued to help Waikoloa stay  atop the standings and claimed a third overall team finish.


As for individual winners, Sunrise Athletics’ Phoebe Wyatt and Kederang Ueda claimed their second individual crown the of the season in blistering times of 10:01 and 9:02 respectively in the blistering heat.  Meanwhile in overall team standings, Sunrise Athletics girls and Kamehameha Middle School boys claimed another first place team win, with Kamehameha girls earning second and Sunrise Athletics boys claiming third for the top three teams.

Another great meet by the host school, and great performances from all the youngsters who run their hearts out!  Stay tuned for more news on youth running on the Big Island. Next meet will be Saturday, September 24 at Waimea Middle School.



Phoeboe Wyatt Sunrise 10:01.55
Gabrielle Shapiro Sunrise 10:31.09
Kacie Tagawa Sunrise 10:34.60
Akemi Tominaga Sunrise 10:41.51
Brooke Perreira Christian Liberty 10:44.27
Taarini Godbole Sunrise 10:55.80
Tabitha Pacheco Kamehameha 11:02.02
Lainey Eckart Kamehameha 11:11.77
Teryn Tominaga Sunrise 11:17.49
Lila Christensen Waikoloa 11:32.30
Jacelyn Cambra 11:39.25
Ke’aulii Ines Waimea 11:41.91
Gaayatri Godbole Sunrise 11:44.47
Quina Prine Sunrise 11:49.43
Cassidy Denault Sunrise 12:13.66
Kaiyana Troy Kamehameha 12:18.76
Aliyah Ho’okano Kamehameha 12:32.27
Napua Ho Kamehameha 12:33.09
Kianni Dodson Waikoloa 12:43.34
Devin Buttz Sunrise 12:44.28
Chesney Palos Waikoloa 12:50.78
Anaya Torres Waikoloa 12:51.75
Cathryn Krueger Hilo Intermediate 12:52.65
Pakela Ka’au’a Kamehameha 12:54.11
Anela Manuia Kamehameha 12:57.17
Kyleigh Arias Waikoloa 13:00.27
Lea Wery Kamehameha 13:12.05
Sarah Pambid Paauilo 13:13.80
Fetia Eckert Waikoloa 13:17.51
Katelyn Paclib Waikoloa 13:18.56
Jasmine Bartle Waikoloa 13:21.70
Keahi Coakley Waikoloa 13:22.25
Kaniela Abad Waikoloa 13:26.78
Kayla Hickman Waikoloa 13:29.80
Kyra Valencia Waimea 13:30.94
Kailey Harrington Waikoloa 13:34.70
Bella Lyau Waikoloa 13:36.08
Jezzie Young Christian Liberty 13:37.43
Michelle Maguire Waikoloa 13:49.20
Grace Martin Waikoloa 13:57.84
Ally Jones Sunrise 14:02.89
Kyla Jones Sunrise 14:10.53
Gabrielle Viemes Hilo Intermediate 14:16.53
Ava Child Waikoloa 14:24.91
Myra Lewis Kamehameha 14:30.37
Dayna Yaloff Waikoloa 14:33.06
Jera Hook-DeSilva Hilo Intermediate 14:36.33
Maia Orian Kamehameha 14:36.77
Brianna Daubert Kamehameha 14:37.77
Chantel Aholelei Waikoloa 14:50.37
Ryenne Cordeiro Kamehameha 14:57.39
Alyssa Umemoto Sunrise 15:07.57
Kelise Figueroa Kamehameha 15:12.29
Keanu Anderson Waikoloa 15:14.66
Osiana Pacheco Kamehameha 15:19.42
Grace Merryman Kamehameha 15:34.27
Gabbie Carvalho Kamehameha 15:36.32
Emma Orian Kamehameha 15:44.49
Makena Denault Sunrise 17:06.79
Megan Vilafuerte Paauilo 17:08.57
Corie Klingenstein Waikoloa 17:34.46
Joaiyah Saragosa Kua O Ka La Charter 18:17.38
Mehana Kele Hilo Intermediate 18:21.25
Kiara Silva Kua O Ka La Charter 18:24.74
Kiana Kaneshiro Hilo Intermediate 18:31.64
Tearny Respicio Kua O Ka La Charter 18:33.30
Tammi Le Hilo Intermediate 18:34.46


Kederang Ueda Sunrise 9:02.27
Colby Kerr Christian Liberty 9:13.81
Logan Waltjen Kamehameha 9:16.11
John Marrack Hilo Intermediate 9:20.14
Honu Longley Hilo Intermediate 9:28.04
Kanai Eckart Kamehameha 9:34.25
Dominic Cavillis Waikoloa 9:40.90
Keona Leialoha Kamehameha 9:56.03
Jd Grimes Waikoloa 9:56.08
Glen Gebin Sunrise 9:59.17
Keanu Kam Waikoloa 10:06.85
Logan Werneck Waikoloa 10:07.56
Rostin Delaries-AuHoon Waikoloa 10:10.54
TJ Nishida Kamehameha 10:13.21
Kekoa AhLoy Kamehameha 10:17.43
Kamahoa Kaawaloa-Okita Christian Liberty 10:19.96
TJ Arakawa Waimea 10:34.67
Jeremiah Aviguetero Kamehameha 10:36.70
Jayden Gebin Sunrise 10:41.35
Chase Bridges Waimea 10:43.54
Kanen Wong Yuen Waimea 10:45.23
Boston Matsu Kamehameha 10:45.95
Garet Jones Sunrise 10:50.56
Shane Cacatian Waikoloa 10:57.86
Dante Aldana Waikoloa 10:58.69
Takashi Randall Waimea 11:07.78
Trent McCollum Kamehameha 11:13.68
Carlos Masuko Kamehameha 11:15.63
Felix Guerpo Waikoloa 11:27.41
Chipper Alokoa Waikoloa 11:28.95
Daniel Legaspi Hilo Intermediate 11:31.11
Tyler Bryson Waikoloa 11:32.48
Aliiloa Waipa Hilo Intermediate 11:37.23
Caleb Vogt Chirstian Liberty 11:39.46
Nicholas Bossy Waikoloa 11:46.91
JC Skilling Waikoloa 11:47.19
Teva-Luke Larrua Waikoloa 12:02.79
Elijah K.Carvalho Waikoloa 12:13.61
Irish Grahovac Kamehameha 12:18.43
Jesse Watanabe Sunrise 12:24.92
Kamuela Kaloi Hilo Intermediate 12:38.46
Rudy Pajimola Hilo Intermediate 12:40.55
Donovan Bramel Waikoloa 12:44.59
Owen Jones Sunrise 12:45.22
Andrei Quienes Waimea 12:46.31
Benjamin Adams Waimea 12:49.25
Logan Okanoto Kamehameha 12:57.94
Isaiah Henriquez Waikoloa 13:12.82
Shane Arakaki Waikoloa 13:15.86
Karl Hanson Kamehameha 13:16.98
Ken Morelik Waikoloa 13:18.62
Adam Sako Chirstian Liberty 13:19.57
Tommy Lolagne Waikoloa 13:20.37
Blayk Hanoa Christian Liberty 13:21.76
William Lentz Waikoloa 13:22.42
Blake David Waikoloa 13:37.94
Keenan Labrador Christian Liberty 13:40.41
Noah Amerling Waimea 13:41.13
Noah Pila Kamehameha 13:43.10
Jayson Libicani Waimea 14:08.63
Tyson Crosley Sunrise 14:16.87
Brennan Tagawa Sunrise 14:18.96
Kalel Aquilera Paauilo 14:35.17
Marc Pambid Paauilo 15:07.60
Zenon Batino Paauilo 15:07.91
Reywill Guillermo Waikoloa 15:08.16
Seasun Legaspi Hilo Intermediate 15:08.67
Zackary Lapenia Kamehameha 15:14.53
Talen Wong Yuen Waimea 15:42.85
Ethan Levine Waimea 15:53.51
Zachary Van Spronsen Waimea 16:03.56
Michael Gonsales Waimea 16:08.56
Franz Micor Waikoloa 17:00.89
Chase Fernandez Waikoloa 17:04.73
Colby Cunningham Hilo Intermediate 17:15.73

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