2016 WHS 2nd Annual Junior Class Fun Run

1.5mile start     5K Start

The 2nd Annual Waiakea High Junior Class Fun Run-Supported by Sunrise Athletics was a community-based event held on March 5.  It was organized by junior co-chairs, Saya Yabe and Jodi Go. With the support of various organizations, all proceeds from the registration went to support the junior class of 2017 with their upcoming senior year activities.

The fun run commenced with the 1.5 mile race, followed by the 5K (3.1mile) run.  WHS junior, Rylie Cabalse, guided the keikis to a quick start along the fast course, which consisted of partial grass and road terrain. Shane Tominaga, a Sunrise Athletics and Hawaii Rush Soccer Club athlete, took command from start to finish and propelled himself to a new course record (9:29). Close in pursuit were a pair of Hawaii Rush soccer athletes, Lucas Kay-Wong and Conner Gonzales. Kay-Wong (9:43) is known for having a deadly kick at the end of races, such as what he displayed in the previous WHS Healthy Keiki Fun Run. Again he performed in the same manner to claim second over Conner (9:46) to round-off the top three overall males.

Among females in this race, tiny and mighty Taarini Godbole took a different approach and started off steadily pacing herself. However, towards the last half-mile, Godbole turned on her turbos and finished strong with a time of 9:56 to claim the top female spot in this race. Godbole’s teammates, Akemi (10:13) and Teryn Tominaga (10:45), followed in efforts to claim second and third place overall among females.

In the 5k (3.1mile) races, a trio of Waiakea High School athletes led the way. Adrian Larkspur, a freshman of whom has been making a name for himself in the sport of running, was unchallenged and cruised in with a time of 19:33.  Teammates Axl Aricayos (20:10) and Magnus Namohala-Roloos (21:01) finished second and third respectively to round-off the top 3 overall males.

Behind the more seasoned high school athletes were intermediate athletes forming a pack of their own. Kederang Ueda (21:10) distinguished himself as the leader of this younger pack, and pulled away to stay close to the high school harriers. Alika Dedman also pulled away on the later part of the race to clock in at a nice time of (22:56).  Meanwhile, Deylan Okinaka (24:28), Glen Gebin (24:30), and Jayden Gebin (24:39) maintained their tight grouping, and finished within ten-seconds of one another.

Among the female overall winners, Phoebe Wyatt established a position among the top five runners early on, and crossed the line as the first overall female with a personal best time of 21:22.  Like Ueda, Wyatt’s time represents a harrier with skills and talents of a more experienced and older athlete.  To round off the remaining top three overall females in the 5K race, Lory Hunter and Melissa Pierce placed second and third respectively.

Thank you to the Waiakea High School staff, students, and alumni for helping and participating in the junior class fun run. Secondly, we appreciate the donations from the community and various companies, such as Big Island Running Company, BioAstin & Co., KTA, and Office Max (along with associate Irene Gebin).  Your donations were used for prize giveaways.  Furthemore, having Eddie Ombac as the event emcee and Francie to promote BioAstin and take highlights of the event always creates a fun and positive atmosphere for all!  Lastly, mahalo to the Sunrise Athletics families for supporting this event with participating in the races, loaning much needed equipment and materials, giving such generous donations, and/or volunteering for manpower for the race.

Congratulations to all participants, and we hope to see you racing again next year!

5K Finishers List
Place: NAME: Time:
1 Adrian Larkspur 19:33
2 Axl Aricayos 20:10
3 Magnus Namohala-Roloos 21:01
4 Kederang Ueda 21:10
5 Phoebe Wyatt 21:22
6 Jeremy Buttz 21:51
7 Alika Dedman 22:56
8 Deylan Okinaka 24:28
9 Glen Gebin 24:30
10 Jayden Gebin 24:39
11 Lory Hunter 25:32
12 Dane Inouye 25:58
13 Grayson Godale 26:18
14 Ben Wyatt 30:27
15 Isaiah Tamez 32:48
16 Geoff Bower 33:52
17 Melissa Pierce 35:30
18 Greg Godale 35:54
19 Zadok Michelson 38:21
20 Zachary Lickty 41:02
21 Marlaina Fujisawa 47:59
22 Thomas Murphy 58:36
23 Leah Murphy 58:59

1.5 Mile Finishers List
Place: NAME: Time:
1 Shane Tominaga 9:29
2 Lucas Kay-Wong 9:43
3 Conner Gonzales 9:46
4 Taarini Godbole 9:56
5 Akemi Tominaga 10:13
6 Cyrus Bower 10:32
7 Teryn Tominaga 10:45
8 Devin Buttz 11:51
9 Cassidy Denault 12:04
10 Brady Gonzales 12:12
11 Kelson Tominaga 12:18
12 Joshua Hong 12:20
13 Kallen Fujioka 12:26
14 Robin Fujioka 12:26.51
15 Alysa Yabe 12:46
16 Lily Kay-Wong 13:36
17 Breanna Inada 15:12
18 Caitlin Inada 15:50
19 Makena Denault 17:46
20 Mara Hon 20:59
21 Maili McKeague 21:43
22 Elisa Junquera 21:44
23 Kenneth Inada 23:28

Co-Chairs with some committee members  Overall 1.5mi Male Winners  Top 3 Age11-14 Male  Overall 1.5mi Female Winners   Overall 5K Female Winner  Overall 5K Female Winners

Sunrise Group Finishing with Teammate


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